Download Ocean Life Hanging Decoration Craft Design

Download Ocean Life Hanging Decoration craft. You can use it for any 3D crafting project to create DIY decorations.

About Ocean Life Hanging Decoration Craft Design

This mesmerizing fish and coral hanging decoration is created by Pappet.
Fishes, aquatic plants, animals, corals, and starfishes compose this beautiful hanging composition of mixed 2D and 3D elements of rich and vibrant natural forms. The inspiration came from the wildlife of the oceans. You can recall the richness of nature with well-chosen papers and either drawn or painted patterns.
Unleash your imagination when decorating fishes, pattern can be real or imagined, geometric or abstract. The possibilities of decoration are limited only by your imagination. The hanging composition will provide an exciting spectacle from several directions.
The fish figures are about 16-20 cm big, the jellyfish is 22-24 cm, while the corals and starfish are between 14 and 24 cm..
You will receive the files in SVG format as well as the PDF instructions to make the project.
Playing with papercrafts is something unique and different. The supplies (and skills) are readily available, cheap and the results make for a big impact.
Here are the things you will need:
– many different colour paper/card at least 200 gsm
– good quality paper glue, glue gun
– string
– colored pencils, pens, paint

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How to Download Ocean Life Hanging Decoration Craft?

To use Ocean Life Hanging Decoration Craft for your future projects you need to unzip graphic bundle first. For that just follow the below steps.

  • Download craft design bundle from your account.
  • Locate zip file in your computer and right click on zip file
  • Select “extract all files” option from menu options and you’ll be ready with your files required for the project.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ocean Life Hanging Decoration Craft License

Q. Under what License I can download Ocean Life Hanging Decoration Craft?

Answer: It comes under lifetime license with both personal and commercial license.

Q. Is there any time limit to download my craft designs after purchase?

Answer: No, there is no time limit and download limit. You can download them from your dashboard any time.

Q. Do they provide any technical support after purchase?

Answer: Yes, you get premium technical support from experts.

Q. Is there any discount available for Ocean Life Hanging Decoration Craft?

Answer: There is no discount available for this craft design because it comes up with subscription only. But you can try subscription for only 1$.

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